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Patrick Keating, UX Design Consultant

Broomfield, CO


I’m an intensely creative, inquisitive, and social soul. I love connecting with people, producing my own music, meditating, tailoring my clothes, collecting things, and making battle-ready Viking shields for the live-action roleplay community.


Hi, my name is Patrick Keating. I am from Broomfield, Colorado and I am a UX designer.

What career advice would I give my younger self?

I would have told him to stay on the creative arts track. I ended up winding all over the place. But I did land back in UX, which is certainly a creative art. 

What is my favorite creative place in Colorado and why?

My friend owns a studio called the Decibel Garden. He is a musician and a filmmaker and an all-around just incredible human being, I’ve met the most amazing people there, snd have had incredible experiences with the kind of artists that are in the Denver community, they all seem to gravitate to this place in Denver. 

Assuming you didn’t have any limits, what would be your next dream project? 

My friend’s business actually went out of business because of the pandemic. They didn’t get enough funding and their business just couldn’t stay afloat. It’s called the Lair of Abraxis, which is basically nerd culture, and it’s so much fun. I made so many friends there and I am a changed human being because of that place. And I would totally, absolutely work with those people to rebuild it.