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Lisa Capezzuoli, Evol Design llc, Founder & Creative Director

Denver, CO


Lisa is an Italian Creative Director working between New York and Denver and specializing in branding & packaging design, with clients in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. She has worked on an extensive number of global clients winning multiple awards. She has 15+ years of professional experience gained by working at international agencies such as LVMH - Guerlain, L&F beauty, and NiCE Ltd. in NYC; FCB in Sydney, Inarea in Rome. Currently she is the Co-Executive Director for Programming at AIGA Colorado. Lisa first came to the U.S. in 2008 as a tourist. She got a job offer and never left. As of today, Lisa is an American citizen and in 2014 she created her own company Evol design llc, and she works as a consultant for multiple agencies and clients. Lisa’s life-long passion for traveling is her main source of inspiration, having visited over 68+ countries. She believes if you can dream it, you can do it.


Hello everyone, my name is Lisa Capezzuoli and I am the co-director of Programming for AIGA CO and if you have been following us you have probably seen my face in some of the previous events we have done and thank you for watching. Also when I’m not collaborating with AIGA I’m actually the founder creative director of Evol design.

I’m originally from Italy, but I have been in the US for 13 years. I was in New York for 12 and I recently moved to Colorado less than a year ago. So thank you for watching and be part of Colorado Creatives. I wanna tell you a little bit more about myself. Some of the questions that I selected for today are the following:

Which new project or skills did you start or learn during 2020?

So probably one is public speaking. Maybe you might not think that, but I am more on the shy side and I’m not used to talk in front of the camera or in front of people. So, this was one of my goals. I attended a conference early this year and one of the skills was to approach the skills I was afraid of and try to improve them. After at least 20 events I hope you guys like the morning brew with Samantha and other members. I think I improved a lot from the beginning, and this is one of the goals I still wanna work on.

What are your favorite creative resources to get inspired?

Many people might say websites or books, I think what works for me is traveling. I am at traveler, I have been to almost 60 countries and counting and although is very hard to do it as of now, I found out that traveling by flights or on a road trip is my main font of inspiration. I am a visual person, so I just like to catch images, colors and things I see and sometimes they just stuck in my mind and then years later I work on a project and I’m like: Oh, I saw that there! I think if you get the chance just go somewhere.

Assuming you didn’t have any limits (of budget, time and topic), what would your next dream project be?

I actually thought about this a lot especially in the last few months. I like to write my dreams in a board that I have in my office and then check it out back later in the year to see my progress. My dream project as of now it would be to fully work remotely and I think I’m doing it now not before and I would like to do more programming events around creatives so I think whatever we have done in the past or in the last few months it is kind of bringing me here. I just wanna go to the next step and create Contents, creates events and help people, help students and still be surrounded by creative environments and just do more of what I have just started doing recently with you guys.

What career advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t be afraid. Try, try, try all the times, I usually say to myself in the worst of the cases people just say no. I got a lot of no in my life but I didn’t stop there. Just keep moving. If it’s not from door A it will be from door Z. You will always going to find a challenge in life and actually I believe, that’s what makes us stronger and I’m a fighter by nature so I usually just say, without offending anyone, don’t be scared, ask, connect, keep going.

These are just  few answers for you guys so you might know me a little bit more and just check below and you will probably going to find my contacts and email and if you wanna connect, work with me or collaborate, send me a text and I’ll be happy to meet you.