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Erin Bosik, Copywriter, Creative Director and Strategist

Boulder, Colorado


I’m Erin Bosik, a copywriter and branding professional with 15 years of experience and a zero-tolerance policy for wasting time or money. It’s simple, really: I don’t propose what clients don’t need, tell anyone what they already know, take pointless steps or drag things out. I just do my job and try really hard to make my clients cry (in a good way). It’s happened 12 times so far, and that's probably my proudest professional achievement.


Hi, my name is Erin Beth Bosik, and I’m located in Boulder, Colorado. I’m a copywriter, creative director, strategist, and brand architect. The questions I am going to answer are as follows. 

My favorite creative place in Colorado is actually right here at home. I am lucky enough to be a freelancer and I’m able to work from my own home in my own space. I really like my standing desk, I think it actually really helps me concentrate, stay creative, be able to move around so I don’t get too stagnated in my brain, though I do admittedly work quite a bit from the bed, and from the couch. But I love being able to look outside. I know this is closed but I have a really beautiful view of the outdoors and I think Colorado and nature is such an important thing for creativity, I like to have the window open when I can and breathe in the fresh air and just be able to kind of dance around at my desk or listening to music, and that’s my favorite creative place.

The next question I wanted to answer is my favorite creative resources to get inspired. And the answer to that question is my music collection and music and radio. I constantly have Spotify on running different playlists, I actually really love to listen to music lyrics to help me get inspired to write things. I love to have different mood music on. If I’m writing about something really sensitive, I like to have that kind of music on. If I’m writing for something really amped up, something that’s trying to get, you know, people excited or, you know, a food product or something like that I really like to put on some, you know, fresh indie music and sometimes even, you know lyrics will inspire a headline or something like that. The same thing goes for just kind of driving around. I love looking at billboards and advertisements, magazines, all kinds of things just for different ways that people write. Other articles on websites that I like, like refinery 29. I love certain writers on there that I will specifically go to because I love their style and I just like to be inspired by their amazing talent. 

And then the third question that I’d like to answer is that is the best advice I’ve received for my career, and from who. And actually, the answer to that question is from a previous creative director that I had when I worked at Sterling-Rice Group in Boulder and I’d been there for some time as a junior copywriter and felt like I was doing okay. I thought I was doing a pretty good job. And he came in and, you know, basically told me I needed to work harder and that I needed to fail faster, and stop trying to make something work if it really wasn’t working. And that became one of the most important growth experiences in my professional career, and I really appreciated that from him. And then also not to use exclamation points was another great lesson. Anybody who knows me or has worked with me knows that I really detest exclamation points and it’s because I was taught not to let your punctuation create excitement for you and that your copy itself should create the excitement. So I thought that was a great lesson and I hope other writers out there feel the same way.