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Denise Gard, Story Creations, Professional Storyteller/Entertainer

Colorado Springs


I have over 16 years of experience between being a professional storyteller and children's programming specialist at a public library. I believe that oral storytelling brings a story to life. A story lives, breathes, and grows as it is being told to an audience. I always incorporate audience participation into my storytelling and lots of dog tricks for my famous Border Collies, Joey and Kira, to perform. My programs are so action-packed and fun, you'll want to see us again and again.


I’m Denise Gard with Story Creations. I’m a storyteller/performer who also performs with her two highly trained Border Collies. They do tricks, while I tell the stories. I like to say that we bring stories to life. We perform at assisted living facilities, memory care facilities for seniors. We also perform at schools, public libraries, preschools, daycares, all kinds of venues. And I love what we do.

The question I would like to answer first is number two: which new project or skills did you start or learn during 2020? Like most performers, all of our live performances were canceled due to COVID-19. It was a very challenging time for us. The dogs were bored and sad because they love performing. And I was a little sad. But then I decided to try to do some video performances. For us, this was challenging, but I wanted to rise to the occasion, I wanted to learn new skills. 

So, we moved a lot of furniture. Got some backdrops and the dogs and I created videos for public libraries, and for our YouTube page. In fact, the dogs want to show you right now, a small little clip of a video we created.

“But Bianca said, “No! I want to suck your blood! Ah, hahaha!” The doggies ran into the tunnel. In! And In and out! And out and in! And in and out! All the while, Bianca was trying to capture them! 

The next question I would like to answer is number nine. It says, assuming you didn’t have any limits of budget, time, and topic, what would your next dream project be? Well, I have to admit I’ve actually already started. During the lockdown, I started writing a novel, and I’ve finished the first draft in September. It’s 90,000 words, it’s mainstream fiction, it’s humorous in places and heartwarming in others. I hope to get it published, and that would be my next project. 

I’m also working to publish children’s stories. I write all these fabulous stories for the dogs to act out, and I would like to turn them into some illustrated children’s books. So those are my upcoming projects. 

The next question I want to answer is number one. What is your favorite creative place in Colorado, and why? Every morning I love to take the dogs hiking. So for us it’s the trails. Border Collies are very active dogs. So it’s important to give them proper exercise. We love to go hiking and when I’m hiking, I can think through my novel that I’m working on plot structure, characters. It also sometimes gives me fabulous ideas for children’s stories as well. I get immersed in nature. And it just inspires me, Colorado is so beautiful. 

Again, I’m Denise Gard. Thank you for listening to my answers today and I hope you check out our YouTube videos. They’re under Denise Gard on YouTube. Thanks again.