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Charles Carpenter, Wigwam Creative, Creative Director/Owner

Denver, Colorado


Charles is Creative Director and owner of Wigwam Creative, founded in Denver in 2011, He has previously served as Events Director and President of AIGA Colorado, and now serves on the Advisory Board and was a recipient of the 2019 fellows award.


My name is Charles Carpenter. I live in Denver, Colorado, and I am the Creative Director and owner of Wigwam Creative.

What are your favorite creative places inColorado, and why? My favorite case please is, well, first of all, Colorado itself is just an amazing state.  There’s so much geographic diversity of just deserts and mountains and plains and so I really get inspired by nature, and that’s always going to be something that gets my creative ideas going. But a slightly quirky place in southern Colorado is called Bishop’s Castle. And there’s a guy there by the name of Jim Bishop, and he’s been building this castle for 49 years and I don’t know if he’ll ever finish, but I just love just how audacious and ridiculous and creative this place is, and that is his dream and he’s poured his heart and soul and money and time into it. There’s something about that passion and just the fact that he’s creating this thing, that he just wants to make that I find really inspiring.

What’s the new project or skill that you did to learn, or learn during 2020?  I took the time during quarantine to… I’ve always meant to speak my mom’s language, which is Spanish.  She’s from El Salvador, and just not growing up with her, I didn’t learn Spanish like I wanted to do. So, I took some time to just dive in and find a good online class with people that also wanted to learn it. And so I’ve been spending time learning Spanish, and it’s been great. I have a lot more work to do on it, but it’s just been fun getting reacquainted with a  language that I am familiar with but that I just wanted to get better at.

All right, What do I think of the Denver creative community, and what are some suggestions to make it more inclusive?

 I think the general creative community is a lively one. It’s filled with amazing people doing amazing things. Like any community, though, sometimes I think you can get a little clubby. And so, I would…rather, than, maybe going to lectures or something, it’d be fun to maybe have projects that involve more people and they can bring more people in. And maybe actually do something that helps make the community better, whatever that is. Another thing is, I think that maybe for me as an introvert, and as a designer to just get outside of myself and get involved in other communities and volunteer time. Learn. Be awkward. But it should be that way. And I think that is a way to challenge my perceptions and my perspectives and learn these things and be willing to be wrong, and to just get more invested in my community and discover more about others around me who probably look, feel, and think differently than I do. And that’s it.