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Beau Sims, Freelance Designer / Director / Illustrator

Denver, CO


Over ten years in the design industry. Grew up on the east coast, lived in Denver for 15 years minus a 4 year stint in Boston. Shout out to my awesome wife, Ruth and son, Remy! Reach out if you wanna collaborate or talk 90s hip hop.


Hey everybody, my name is Beau Sims. I’m a freelance designer/art director. I’ve been doing that for about a year and a half. I moved away from Colorado for four years to Boston with my wife and just came back about a year and a half ago. And since being back, I’ve gone full freelance, and it’s been great and exciting. So let’s answer some questions. 

First question, what advice would you give your younger self?

I’d say, besides just keep doing work, all the work you can do reading books, reading magazines, watching tutorials, I’d say don’t be afraid to put your work out and get it critiqued and show other people in the industry, people better than you, and put that work out there and let them make comments, rip it apart or give you compliments. And that, I think, would have really helped. Because I was kind of scared and tentative, like a lot of designers are, I think, to put my work out there, because I thought people would think it was crappy. Which it was, but that’s okay. It takes people time to build up skill. 

So, second question: who is an artist or designer that you admire? I would have to say, my partner Kim. Kimberly Inman is a badass. She’s a badass designer, she’s a kick-ass person, a hell of a mountain biker. She was my director at a previous job. And we’ve since started partnering up on a lot of projects together. And I’ve learned a ton from her and I still do. And I don’t know if I would have had the balls, frankly, to go freelance without her. So I appreciate it. Check out her work. And if you ever run into her, say “hi” and tell her she’s awesome. 

Third question, how has a failure or apparent failure turned into success for me?

I would say all failures are probably good for me. When I finish, anytime I finish a project and it goes well, or even a pitch or presentation, pretty much my head explodes. And I think I’m the greatest designer in the universe, and I feel great. And I ride off that high for hours, sometimes days. It’s not very productive, you know? Every time a pitch, presentation, or project goes horribly, it keeps me humble, it puts me in check. It reminds me that I need to keep working and keep getting better and better. And I can’t just, you know, sit back and think work is going to come and my designs are going to improve without putting in work. So yeah, I think just generally, if you don’t learn from your bad projects, what are you going to learn from really?

That’s it.

Thanks for watching, If you’ve made it this far. Shout out to AIGA for putting together Colorado Creatives the site. I’m looking forward to seeing other people’s videos. If you want to reach out to me, feel free. My contact information should be somewhere on this site. Maybe I’ll put it down here. If I can figure that out and Adobe Premiere. I hope you found some of this helpful and looking forward to watching the rest of the videos.